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Fosfor provides tools to quantify our everyday life and generate actionable feedback based on personal health data.

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Who is Fosfor for?

We like to consider Fosfor as the GPS for your health data. Our technology generates a digital representation of your current health status that can then be compared to the future you and others.


Systemic understanding on stress levels. Individualised nutrition planning for added performance and quick recovery.

Casual Biohackers

Sensitive test to help quantify and visualise how various lifestyle changes effects the individual.


Human machine co-creation. Asking better questions. Contextual data generation for pattern recognition and research ideation.


We use an AI powered engine to analyse your lab values and generate suggested personal target values. Through an iterative process of re-measuring and comparing the difference between the predicted and actual outcomes we are able to build a personal model and deduce how your past will likely effect future interactions. Through this process we will continuously learn to better anticipate how different interventions or lifestyle changes will effect the individual.

Individualised predictive models

We use a combination of scripted default behaviours derived from general population data with artificial intelligence to learn how each individual differs from the mean. We use blood samples to get the most comprehensive picture of your health so you are not required to perform as a life logger measuring evertying you do on a daily basis.

What does Fosfor do?

Fosfor gives you personal reference ranges for your lab values.

Compare your lab values with thousends of others to give you fine grain risk assesments.

Predict other lab values based on your values.

Simulate how changes in one metabolite will effect other metabolites.

Anomaly detection, find contextually odd metabolites.

Take part in the development

Are you a diet Guru or just interested in learning more about yourself and how to interface with your surroundings? We are always on the look for new perspectives and interesting people.

Sign-up for our newsletter below and apply to become a beta tester. Currently we are working on a model that is tuned to fit your personal data and pre-visualise how different biomarkers might change over different timeframes.

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