Interprative framework

Introducing a perspective of Lamarck and Bergson into a world of Darwin and Einstein.

We are a moving target. By bringing a real-time understanding on how change is impacting us gives us the possibility to act upon insights and get closer to understand where problem origins may be.

Snapshot in time

This picture by Cartier-Bresson that defined the notion of a decisive moment in photography can be viewed as time frozen. Many stories can be deduced from the given frame. Similarly in medicine a blood sample is a snapshot in time giving indication but still relatively open for interpretation.

Succession of moments

The nature of being. We percieve ourselves and the cultural context within which we are situated as a succession of separate constructs rather than the gradual passing of time.

The way we view a blood sample is as a creation of a defined spatial location. Through this point we create boundaries and the gradual change dissapears resulting in a multiplicity. We can now name these boundaries and use them as the succession of moments.

A collection of perspectives

Through the multiplicity of individual moments we can begin to create a vision of a story. The story is neither a unity nor a multiplicity - the story can only be grasped through intuition and imagination.

Fractal nature of the moment

As each Air Jordan is born from the cultural context of its time and serves as a memory capsule of sorts. Each snapshot when viewed in the diverse contexts will tell different stories, as a result we have the narration of each moment and the combined narration of all the moments. The big picture and the details. Culture into defined spatial location so we can process cultural contexts as instances.

We are the sum of our moments

The story of the individual. We will have a personal reaction to a given change based on the sum of our experiences.

The process of being

Duration is the continuous progress of the past that nibbles into the future and swells as it advances, it means that the past in its entirety is prolonged into the present and abides there actual and acting. Duration means that the past endures and nothing of it is quite lost. Hence the complexity in predicting individual reactions to interventions. Our aim is to learn the past by identifying the ways in which each individual differs in their reactions.

Content and context

The two inseparable factors, as the content will always be framed by the context. This giving rise to situations where an intervention at a given moment will produce different results based on the aggregate of the past.

Generate a target

I given set of parameters are used to generate a hypothetical ideal, depicted as the circle.

Model a path

The current state is compared to this desired outcome and an individualised plan to reach the target is formulated.

Iterate and adjust

Remeasure and adjust based on the error of the prior predictions. This iterative process begins to model how each individual differs strengthening future predictions.